Best of Bloggers for Windows Deployment

Since this is – for now so far – a GERMAN site, I still have to mention some other bloggers in the international scene here necessarily too ….

These COOL people (all of them are community supporters & very active bloggers too) and I have met the first two mentioned here several times in recent years personally 🙂

From the two (Johan Arwidmark and Mikael Nystrom I have learned so many things 🙂

Including quite a few blogs and tips, how to script BASIC without SCCM/MEM -but with MDT – means about my main topic deployment 🙂

Some of this stuff also works – with a little pimping of the original scripts – even natively (in WinPE) WITHOUT MDT 🙂

Tips on this in one of my following blogs 🙂 ….

Johan can be found here.

You can find Mikael here.

If you don’t know their blogs: READ! 🙂

And the following blogger and community scripter MUST be mentioned here too, although I unfortunately did not meet him personally yet:

David Segura, you can find his blogs and tools here.

The same guy wrote some really cool tools about OSD (Deployment!) and posted them there 🙂

Happy Reading & Deploying 🙂